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The BPA-Racing Slack Setter Tool grants an easier, quicker and more precise adjustment of the slack for all types of motorcycles – Standard, Café Racer, Scrambler, Sport Bike, Sport Touring, Cruiser, Adventure, Enduro and Dual-Sport.


This innovative, one of its kind, buy-once, use-for-a-lifetime chain adjuster tool, was made for the comfort ofthe riders.

  •  For those riders who prefer spending their time riding bikes instead of measuring lubricated chains with their fingers.
  • For those riders that need a very precise, perfectly measured chain slack and do not compromise with the messy 3 fingers method which is nothing but a waste of time. This tool is 75% faster than traditional measuring methods.
  • For those riders that carefully select the most handy tools for their bike box that get the job done in seconds, anywhere – anytime.

3 Important Things

1. You only use a tape measure 1 time to calibrate the tool once, and then you can forget all about it! Even when you change a tire, or stretch the chain, the tool will still be set and ready to be used!

2. The tool must be removed from the chain after it has been used to adjust it. You don’t ride with the tool on the chain. Just store the tool in your bike box and use it when your chain needs readjustment.

3. Yes, it works on all chain-driven vehicles, including QUADS.