There are different colors available. What are the differences?

The BPA Racing Tool is available in 4 colors. All products are exactly the same, apart from their different color.

And the reason behind that?

1) You can pick the color you like the best for your bike.

2) If you have more than one motorbike, you can get two or more BPA tools in two different colors. Each tool needs to be calibrated for a specific motorbike just one time, and then it can be used as a guide for all the others times that chain needs to be readjusted. This way, you can easily remember which colored BPA tool to use for every different bike.

Simply put, the different colors will help you make sure what color matches what motorbike. For instance, the RED tool is calibrated according to the X motorbike, while the ORANGE tool is calibrated according to the Y motorbike.

For more details on how to calibrate your tool before using it, please check the link below.

How often does a motorcycle chain need adjusting?

The motorcycle owner’s manual provides the exact number of miles that you can ride before your chain needs readjusting, depending on the type of your motorcycle.
As a rule of thumb, you should check and re-adjust your chain every 500 miles (805 km). For dirt bikes, it is recommended to check the chain slack more often.

Why does my motorcycle chain make noise?

A chain usually rattles when it is too loose. The rattling should stop as soon as you adjust the chain slack to the right point.

Is it better for a motorcycle chain to be loose or tight?

Both can be dangerous for your safety and your motorcycle. A tight motorcycle chain puts more stress on several components, causing the sprockets to wear faster, forcing the engine work harder and making the suspension to too tight and uncomfortable. A tight chain can even snap and break.

On the other hand, a loose chain causes quick wear of the O-rings and can easily jump out of the sprocket while riding, putting yourself at risk.

With the revolutionary BPA Tool, the chain tension of your motorcycle can always have just the right tension to prolong the life of your motorcycle’s compartments and prevent the dangerous accidents a wrong chain tension can cause.

Does the BPA Chain adjustment tool work for every type of motorcycle?

The BPA chain adjustment tool is suitable for all models of motorcycles – dirt bikes, speed, enduro and choppers.

What exactly is included in the BPA package for chain adjustment?

The package includes:
– The BPA Chain Slack Adjuster Tool
– wrench
– torx key

Why should I use the BPA Tool for adjusting the chain of my motorcycle?

After 3.5 years of thorough research, the patented BPA chain adjuster tool has been carefully designed to take the hassle away from the chain slack adjustment process, making it easy, quick, effortless and precise, even for amateur riders.
Compact, durable and super easy to use, it will also save you money from repeatedly paying a local dealer to readjust the tension of your chain. It’s a “buy once – use forever” investment any rider should have.

Why do motorcycle chains get loose?

Some of the reasons that can cause a motorcycle chain to get loose are:
– New motorcycle chains tent to” stretch” after a few rides and get easily loose
– Chain tensioning bolts may not be tightened enough
– The wearing of the sprocket and inadequate lubrication also affect the chain slack

No matter what causes your chain to loosen, now you can check and correct its slack in just a few seconds. The easy to read indicators of the BPA Tool will let you know when your chain is too loose and how much calibration it needs in order to have just the correct slack.

How much does a motorcycle chain adjustment cost?

At a local deal, it may cost up to $130, and you will even need to go back again and again for more adjustments. Now, with the BPA chain slack adjuster tool you can do it yourself for as many years as you ride!

How to adjust the chain slack of my Motorcycle?